A Time Such As This Part 1

As I had mentioned previously, we were packing up and moving to a new location quite frequently in my DTS. Always base-to-base, never having so much as a clue to what awaited us on the other side of another long drive.  We had filled both vehicles to the max, yet again, and were ready to travel to what would be the final base of our tour. Just shortly into our drive, from Altensteig to Cologne we had a small, but unfavourable car accident- ironically enough, between our two vehicles. Before being completely aware of the damage, we managed to drive back to a car dealership/mechanic we had just passed, to get what seemed to us as minimal damage, looked at.  At this point, it was confirmed that our car was no longer in driving condition and we were tying to come up with our next plan of attack. The dealership was open just long enough that we were able to find and call a private tow truck able and willing to drive us a few hours back to Diane (the car owner)’s home town, for a reasonable price. This was the most logical short term solution, as there would be no use towing it to Cologne, still equally far away and with no hopes of a cheap repair. This still wouldn’t provide enough car space to drive everyone back to Schwäbisch Hall, leaving 2 of our team members on a hitchhiking journey… in winter! By late that night, we all arrived safe at the church which had agreed to let us stay the night, as we figured out where to next. After a long night of weighing our options and prayer, we concluded we would continue to Cologne and finish the journey we had planned. Because of the stress of the events that day and it being such a short time before we left for Brazil already, we compromised and agreed to only stay a part of the time we had planned. It was a hard decision, that lasted hours, in which every option was put on the table. I was definitely on the boat of “Let’s go back to Berlin ASAP” and at this point I could no longer decipher my own will from what God was saying. In all honesty, I don’t know how many of us could. But, majority had it at “Let’s finish what we started!”. It was, for sure, one of the more emotionally and physically draining times of the DTS and I learned once again how to trust in the Lord and His goodness, even amongst complete chaos. Praise the Lord, He has a plan when we don’t!


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