Back to Berlin

So, the adventure has officially taken off and I have arrived back in Berlin! The Lord has been with me in such a tangible way during this transition and I experienced so many miracles in the preparation and travel time alone! The goodbye’s were hard and many tears were shed, but it’s great to be back on German soil!

Because the new, ladies staff apartment isn’t done being renovated yet, I am staying in another staff apartment in the mean time. The night I arrived, many were away at the ‘Awakening Europe’ conference but, the girls made sure I was warmly welcomed and felt right at home. They stuck Post It notes all over the apartment, making sure I found everything, including my room in the closet… No, not really, this was just a joke. But in all seriousness, more than enough space was made for me and many little treats had me smiling.

 photo PicMonkey Collage.jpg

I am looking forward to the completion of the renovations in my own apartment, but until then, I have been blessed and can comfortably anticipate what is to come.

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I was officially welcomed as a new staff, by the base, my first day and I was so blessed by many words and prayers of encouragement. The Lord has given me such a peace and excitement in this time, that would naturally be some overwhelming and stressful and He has continued to give me such a confidence that this is His will and plan as I step out in faith.

This first week, God has once again amazed me by how deeply and intimately He knows me. He knows just what I need and when I need it and although I have almost always recognized this as a biblical truth, He continues to find creative and meaningful ways to make sure I really know it for myself.

This week I got to meet a DTS team that is currently here on outreach from Brisbane, Australia. I have already been so blessed by this team as they have done a tremendous amount of work, in the apartment I will soon call home, but the time I got to spend ministering with them and getting to know them more personally, was a whole other blessing in itself.

In the same moment I left my friends and comfort behind, the Lord so quickly provided me with a team like this one, to just enjoy time with. On Wednesday, I joined Christin (another one of our staff) in taking them for outreach at Mauer Park. The team wanted to take the opportunity to just hang out in the park and be led by the Spirit, so we went out without any big plan and left a lot of the decision making up to them. We split up and some played music, others played frisbee and in all we did we just tried to include people that are there. The time there didn’t really go as they had pictured (as it turns out, Berliners aren’t as open or curious as the average Australian) but regardless, they were able to have a few great conversations and connect with people there.

After our time at the park we were invited to just continue in fellowship with them. The team introduced Christin and I to an amazing coffee shop they found here in Berlin and then they treated us to a delicious dinner.

 photo PicMonkey Collage_1.jpg

Before we went out that day, we gathered and prayed encouragement over each person on the team. We also prayed and asked the Lord if there was anything specific He wanted us to do. The impression we got as we prayed was joy. And there was joy! There was joy at the park as we engaged and included the people there in what we did and there was joy in my heart as the Lord blessed me with a time where I got to feel so at home and comfortable in this new time and season.


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