And That’s a Wrap!

Summer of Service 2015 is officially over!
We laughed and we cried, we had hard times and victories, but in it all God was so faithful! As staff, we tried to prepare as best we could. Long before SOS started, we were coming up with and refining schedules, we were planning meals and work duties, contacting speakers and other outreach teams and we were praying. All efforts aside, things were missed, communication lacked at times, and plans just straight up fell apart. Regardless, God held it all together, His Spirit moved, and we were able to learn and grow as a team. This was my highlight in the two weeks… Seeing God take over and make things work.

If the SOS relied on our planning and strength alone, I think it is safe to say we would have failed. There were times we had no plan, no preparation, no idea what to do and still, God met us in those moments and people encountered Him like never before. There were times we were at our wits end, times we were exhausted and had nothing left to give, and God was there with each one, making it all worth it. People learned to hear God’s voice and encountered Him for the first time and in new ways. We all took new and relevant things away from the lecture times, our outreaches were blessed, and we saw people come to Jesus. Friendships were started and strengthened and we even had multiple people decide to return to do a DTS (another answer to prayer!). We were blessed with an amazing group of participants who powered through till the end- heat and lack of sleep aside- and they grew on each of our hearts and made this crazy time so worth it!

Not only can we say, that this SOS ended up being a success overall, but on an even deeper level, this was a time of incredible spiritual breakthrough- for individuals, our team and for our base.

Summer of Service 2015… Complete!



2 thoughts on “And That’s a Wrap!

  1. heatherinlove says:

    Woohoo! Summer of Service sounds like it was amazing! I love when we are completely emptied out and there is so much room for God to take over and he totally blows us away!
    I loooove your updates and it makes my heart so happy to hear about the important stuff your doing over there! Also you have a beautiful way with words! Love you girl and miss you!!


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