You may be here because you already know me as a friend and want to stay up-to-date. You may be here, because you are one of my amazing supporters who keeps me going- THANK YOU. You may be here, because we know each other from a long time ago, at some point had a short encounter, have a couple mutual friends in common, or I posted the link on my Facebook page often enough that it finally intrigued you to follow it and see what it’s all about. Here’s to hoping the link has spread a little further than my closest friends and family, and you don’t really know me at all; you’re just curious.

If You’re Curious

My name is (fancy) Nancy. I am 25 years old and newly wed to my best friend and love of my life. I hold passports to two countries; Canada, which I only now realize how much I love, and Germany, which has always held a piece of my heart. Salty over sweet any day; I am a sucker for anything etsy/pinterest-y and I love glitter. I also generally have the need to add a creative and fancy touch to everything. I’m fairly stubborn, a bit of a control freak and it drives me nuts when things aren’t the way they should be. Willful as I am, God continues to show me daily, how He can use me and my flaws.

This is not where I am going to write out my entire life story in excessive detail; you’ll find out enough about me as you sift through my posts. But, you should probably know, I never thought I’d be where I am today. I never thought my life would be the one to look different or exciting. I wanted nothing more than normal and slim, to no part of me, screamed for a big adventure or spontaneity. But, it did scream for something; something I hadn’t yet discovered. Little did I know, *God was calling me to something far greater than “normal” and nothing that I had planned.

*More on this under the menu title “The Call & My DTS Story”

The Here and Now

July 2015, I made the big move from beautiful British Columbia to the eclectic city of Berlin, Germany to go where the Lord was leading me.  Starting my time in Berlin, I staffed my first  Discipleship Training School with YWAM Berlin from September to February. As DTS Staff, I trained and mentored students, organized various aspects of the school, took part in local and overseas outreaches, preparing and equipping more people for evangelism and missions.

While we had no school running, I worked in administration and continued to help and lead in various areas that were necessary for us to continue functioning and developing as a base. The base in Berlin is still a fairly new one, so much time was continually spent strengthening and building a firm foundation, as well as dreaming and planning. In November of 2016, I felt strongly that my time with YWAM Berlin had come to an end and began transitioning out. Having said that, YWAM is still dear to me and I will continue to maintain a relationship with the base and other YWAM’ers in the city.

Though entering many new seasons in life, I know my time in Berlin is not up yet! When praying about how to continue, many questions arose: “Is it time to get a ‘job’ again?”, “Do I pull back from ministry and volunteer a few hours a week?”. No.

When I first came to Berlin I knew that I had a heart to do something about Human Trafficking and more specifically with women caught in forced prostitution. Having said that, I had no idea what this would look like as I had no experience, no schooling, and no clue where to start. But, God uses the willing.

Since first arriving in Berlin, I also began volunteering with Alabaster Jar. Alabaster Jar is a registered, non-profit organization reaching out to women working in (forced) prostitution on the streets of Berlin’s Red Light District. I started at AJ by going on prayer walks during outreach nights, where the team would go around talking with the women, handing out condoms, drinks and offering prayer. Soon after, I joined the outreach team myself. It’s now been over a year that I have served with AJ and God has opened so many doors! I was able to help the ministry implement a new corporate identity, I have taken on social media, and I will now officially begin to help the ministry administratively. More importantly, I have developed a deep relationship with girls on the street, who I get to meet with outside of our regular “ministry” times. Additionally, we are currently in the early stages of starting a Brothel Ministry reaching women working in brothels.

So at this time, I will continue my time in Berlin, serving primarily alongside Alabaster Jar, reaching out to the women of Berlin’s Red Light District. I feel this is where God has been opening doors, and where He is calling me to serve and be faithful. Challenging as it can be at times, I feel that this is a place where the gifts and talents God has given me can flourish.

My Longing

I’ve learned and seen that God has so much for us and that He can use me in crazy ways. I believe that God has been preparing and aligning things in my life for much longer than I have even been aware of. Now, more than ever I feel an excitement and a willingness to serve him, whatever that looks like. And so, I’m finally, really, going to let Him use me. No holding back. I’d love for you to follow me while I do and that it inspires you to do the same if you aren’t already!